The Most Inappropriate Outfits Brittany Mahomes Has Ever Worn - The List (2024)


The Most Inappropriate Outfits Brittany Mahomes Has Ever Worn - The List (1)

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Brittany Mahomes is one of the NFL's most known WAGs (wives and girlfriends). Her husband is none other than Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. The duo have been together since high school, and both have gained notoriety as Patrick continues his successful career on the field. Brittany is a sports star in her own right, having played professional soccer after playing on her college team. She and Patrick also co-own the Kansas City Current soccer team.

Some may also consider her a fashion icon since Brittany has had a stunning transformation and stepped out in some high-fashion looks for game days and other events. Brittany also silenced her haters when she modeled for Sports Illustrated's bikini issue. She told the outlet she was "unapologetically always myself in any setting."

However, a lot of people have criticized Brittany for her outfits. Some of the looks have been deemed too revealing. Brittany has also been accused of seeking the spotlight and attention with some of her clothes. You can form your own opinion on the following 'fits, but one thing's for certain: Brittany has a strong sense of style and she's always true to herself.

Brittany's look for Vegas was compared to swimming pool attire

In July 2023, Brittany Mahomes shared a series of photos on Instagram from a trip to Las Vegas. Her outfit in them was very revealing — she seemed to be wearing a black bra and high-waisted underwear as the base, with a see-through, shimmery shirt dress over it. For accessories, she wore some simple jewelry and thigh-high black boots. Many commenters on the post were displeased with the look.

One person simply commented a multitude of thumbs-down emojis. Another felt the look wasn't right for the circ*mstances, commenting, "Poolside yes [heart emoji] On the strip no!"

However, amidst the hate comments were some people who supported the 'fit. One fan pointed out how that look was "on trend right now," likely referring to the "no pants" trend that turned underwear into outerwear. Some couldn't help but poke fun at Patrick Mahomes for his comparatively simple white t-shirt boasting the "Louis Vuitton" name. One said, "Patrick didn't fit the vibe lol. He needed to step it up. You look stunning."

A silver movie premiere dress was compared to a tasty movie night snack

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In July 2023, the documentary series "Quarterback" was released on Netflix. Patrick Mahomes was one of the NFL quarterbacks featured in the series, along with Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota. Brittany Mahomes was featured alongside her husband, and the power couple attended the in-person premiere hosted by Netflix as well. Brittany's skin-tight silver dress was an Alex Perry piece, and she also wore silver wedge sandals and jewelry. Her eye makeup was coordinated to match the dress as well.

When Brittany shared some photos from the evening on Instagram, one commenter said, "Not sure if it it's good or bad that she'll always look like an episode of Teen Mom at Prom." Another quipped, "Anyone else automatically think jiffy pop popcorn??" Jiffy Pop is popcorn that cooks over the stove, wrapped in an aluminum foil cover.

Another comment referenced the foil-like nature of her dress, but some people loved the look. One person called out the nasty comments and said, "You look beautiful and it's giving 90s/early 2000s vibes and I love it! [heart eyes emoji]."

A January game day hat seemed like overkill

Chiefs game days are akin to a fashion show for Brittany Mahomes. At a game in January 2024, she wore a red puffer jacket with Patrick Mahomes' number, "15," stitched onto it. Her matching red pants had their name "Mahomes" stitched down one pant leg. To further show her Chiefs spirit, Brittany's purse was yellow, but the rest of her accessories — shoes, gloves, and hat — were black to match the lettering.

The hat in question caused a bit of a stir. It was fuzzy and round, similar to a Russian ushanka. One commenter on Brittany's Instagram post on game day noted that, remarking, "Ugh, is the game being played in Russia? Lol."

Although it likely kept her head and ears very warm, Brittany's hat seemed like overkill compared to the simpler knitted beanies worn by fellow Chiefs supporters Taylor Swift, Jason Kelce, and Kylie Kelce. They could be seen sitting in a suite with Brittany. However, Brittany's hat was nothing compared to Jason's bare-chested look that stole the spotlight at that game.

Brittany was accused of seeking attention with her Super Bowl post

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For the 2024 Super Bowl, where the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers, Brittany Mahomes was decked out in bright red once again. She paired a red top with shiny, latex red pants adorned with a "15" on one pant leg. Her accessories were white heels, a clear purse, and simple jewelry, including some bracelets and layered necklaces. Brittany's hair was curled and partially pulled back.

Brittany captioned her carousel on Instagram, "Back to Back [100 emoji]" referring to the team's victories in the 2023 and 2024 consecutive Super Bowls. Many commenters took issue with the post and possibly her outfit as well, with one person saying, "Back to back to the house. Your husband won a Ring not You. Lmfao." Another snarked, "THIS ISNT ABOUT YOU [crying emojis] omg."

However, the post wasn't just photos of Brittany. She also included two pictures of herself and her children, Sterling and Bronze, who were also decked out in Mahomes-themed gear. Many fans thought Brittany looked great and remarked how cute the family looked.

A critic felt silver was not the WAG's color

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Brittany Mahomes' dress for the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl party in 2024 showed some skin. The dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta and covered in silver sequins arranged in scallops. The non-sequined parts of the dress were see-through, with skin-colored fabric underneath. Although this was likely not de la Renta's intention, the pattern of the dress looked slightly reminiscent of The Rainbow Fish from the children's book and his special silver scales.

Mahomes' eye makeup was also silver, and her hair was curled. However, some critics remarked on how she looked for that event on Reddit. One person who felt silver was not a flattering color on Mahomes wrote, "Silver makes her look washed out."

Despite the haters, Mahomes' confidence shone even brighter than the sparkles on the dress. She smiled widely as she was photographed on the red carpet at the event. The WAG will continue wearing what she feels good in, and after future football games, a new roster of her best and worst game-day looks will likely be gathered.


The Most Inappropriate Outfits Brittany Mahomes Has Ever Worn - The List (2024)


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