How to Get Sharkman Karate in Blox Fruits: Gameplay Guide (2024)

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Plus a look at Sharkman Karate's moves and how they work

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Sharkman Karate is considered one of the best Fighting Styles in Blox Fruits as its moves are fast and deal a lot of damage, and it's a good option for chaining combos or farming. But how exactly do you get Sharkman Karate? Sharkman Karate can be bought from Daigrock, the Sharkman, in the Second or Third Sea, but there are some requirements you must meet first. Keep reading to learn more.

Quick Steps

  1. Unlock Water Kung Fu and level it to 400 mastery.
  2. Get the Water Key dropped by the Tide Keeper boss.
  3. Obtain $2,500,000 and 5,000 fragments.
  4. Buy Sharkman Karate from Daigrock, the Sharkman, in the Second or Third Sea.

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Getting Sharkman Karate

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  1. 1

    Get Water Kung Fu to 400 Mastery. Water Kung Fu can be bought from the Water Kung Fu Teacher for $750,000.[1] The Water Kung Fu Teacher can be found in the following locations:

    • The Underwater City in the First Sea
    • The hot side of Hot and Cold in the Second Sea
    • Near the portals in the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea
  2. 2

    Get the Water Key, which is dropped by the Tide Keeper. The Tide Keeper is a level 1475 boss found in the back of the Forgotten Island, which is the final area of the Second Sea. The Water Key is not a guaranteed drop, so you might have to fight the Tide Keeper multiple times.[2]

    • The Tide Keeper's respawn time is 30 minutes, and you must be level 1475 to fight him.
    • The best strategy to beat the Tide Keeper is to use long-range attacks. If he spawns a Sea Beast, you can either use Portal V to escape the beast or simply reset your character and go back to the Forgotten Island (as the Sea Beast will despawn and the Tide Keeper won't regain any health).


  3. 3

    Get $2,500,000 and 5,000 fragments. In order to buy Sharkman Karate, you must have enough money and fragments. You can easily farm fragments from raids, and the fastest way to get money is to server hop and kill Sea Beasts and bosses (plus you'll get some fragments for killing Sea Beasts as well).[3]

  4. 4

    Find Daigrock, the Sharkman and buy Sharkman Karate. Daigrock is found in front of a house on the Forgotten Island in the Second Sea, or inside a flat, blue-roofed building in the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea.

    • If you have all of the requirements (Water Kung Fu mastery at 400, the Water Key, and enough money/fragments) you can buy Sharkman Karate from Daigrock.
    • If you don't have all the requirements but you do have the key, you can give the key to Daigrock and come back later when you've gotten all of the other requirements. However, if you leave, reset, or die before getting Sharkman Karate, the key will disappear.[4]
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Sharkman Karate Moveset

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  1. 1

    Twelve Water Palms (Z). When doing this move, your character will dash forward, striking the air 12 times with water palms as they do so. Opponents hit by this move will be pushed away. Requires 100 mastery.[5]

  2. 2

    Pressure Vortex (X). When doing this move, your character will shoot a water projectile that damages enemies and breaks instinct. Direct contact will drag enemies, which does more damage. Requires 200 mastery.

  3. 3

    Great Sea Spear (C). Your character will fire a vortex of water that pulls the enemy close, then they will be knocked back by a beam of water. Requires 300 mastery.

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